Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Woman's 1/2 Marathon

2 weekends ago Kristi ran her 2nd 1/2 marathon in Nashville. This event was only for women.....there were some men but only running in honor of a specific woman who couldn't run themselves! Of course when we arrived at the expo,the night before so Kristi could pick up her bag of "stuff", surrounded by hundreds of women mom & I were kicking ourselves that we hadn't signed up too! Such power woman have, don't you think?!!

Early Saturday morning heading out to the starting line
I loved all the girly accents added to this race......tables with crisp white linen and bright pink bows, beautifu flowers everywhere, and just TONS AND TONS OF PINK surrounding us!
It was a BEAUTIFUL morning, perfect for racing & we couldn't have been more proud of this girl!!
We cheered her across the starting line, wishing her lots of luck and fun! We then meandered up the street and filled our bellies full while Kristi was off running 13.1 miles!
After eating breakfast we were able to walk a few blocks up to meet her at mile 10 1/2 and it was perfect timing cause she was feeling pretty worn down.....although you can't tell from the bottom picture. She still is sporting that BIG smile!
And then back down a few blocks to the finish line where we were able to jump up and downing yelling in excitement as she crossed!! Little did we know what was about to happen! Kristi did awesome, shaved of 10 MINUTES from her last race only 5 months ago.....AWESOME!! It was a fun overnight trip......"only girls allowed" per Emery!
I must share our scary experience as we will forever remember this race!! If you know my youngest niece you know that she is ALWAYS falling. Grace would have been a more appropriate name I think! So as Kristi is crossing the finish line, literally crossing the line, we are all jumping up and down cheering! Mom had put Lauren up on her shoulders to see her mommy while trying to help Emery see Auntie cross at the same time (this woman will never allow one of her grand baby's to feel left out)! Lauren was bouncing up and down on mom's shoulders and before mom could catch her she fell off mom's shoulders and landed on her head. Within a minute or so Lauren was coming in and out of consciousness so mom took off running for the medic tent. A volunteer helped me run with my girls and Taylor over to the tent and Taylor was able to spot Kristi and tell her to meet us. This little 2 year old got herself a little ride via ambulance to Vany for a CT scan, X-ray, and observation. Less than 2 hours after arrival to the hospital she was discharged with a perfect bill of health! WE WERE SOOOO VERY GRATEFUL that she was just left with a couple bumps and bruises on her head. As opposed to a 50 something year old woman who died that next morning of a heart attack. We'll take the bumps and bruises......and keep the family of the woman in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

thank you for that sister!!! - I loved it!!! your my inspiration!! and i appreciate your encouragement and support! - i love you my twin!

greenchickadee said...

Oh my word, seriously? That woudl have tossed me over the edge of sanity. soooooo grateful that she is OK! Must have been the angels that cushioned her fall!