Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Look Who's 2

{my sweet little niece}
It was a fun morning at the park
perfect for balls and tire swings
and getting dirty......a day is not normal for this child without a fall!
Is the cake soooo CUTE?!!! Can you see that curious george trying to touch the fire!
{you can call my mom for cake orders!!}
I know 5 things FOR SURE about this child:
*She lights up the world around her with that smile
*She falls EVERYDAY
*She's a chipaholic
*She sings all the time......I think sometimes without thinking, it's just a part of her
*She's EXTREMELY loved and her space is invaded daily because you can't stop squeezing and kissing her.....really how could you not?


Melanie Anne said...

I was at the library story time on MOndday and I looked over and saw the sweetest blonde Mommy and cute little girls--that looked familiar. I thought it was maybe Kera, my Chattanooga blogging friend:)--but then this cute little toddler sat in your lap that I didn't recognize. So I thought I must be mistaken and didn't say anything. But, now I can see that it was you with one of your daughters--and this darling little 2 year old. I should have said 'Hi" Next time I will!! You really do have a glow about you--I think it has to do with the relationship you were talking about below! I loved your thoughts on that! We all do it (compare) and it is not good. I agree! Also--thanks for the dinner idea! I happen to have lots of bell peppers and zuchini on hand right now! I will have to stop and get an avocado! Have a great day!!

Erika Reiner said...

The last pic of Lauren and Kristi is one of the HAPPIEST pics!!! soooo cute! You can see how happy Lauren is and I VERY MUCH support the chip addiction...hehe! Very sweet blog post!

Kristi said...

happy two little one.