Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I had one of those Monday morning. Keep sitting. No need to go and get your note taking you it's probably common knowledge but for me it was HUGE!
I've lived many years comparing myself to others, not sure how long this has been going on but for as long as I can remember. There's nothing good about doing that, I come up feeling "less than" every time. We don't need to go into all the ways I compare myself though cause I only had an epiphany about 1 thing! My relationship with God....rather I like to say Jesus cause it makes me feel more relaxed {informal} than saying God! {I know I'm weird, no need to leave a comment stating that!} So I have been working on this relationship thing with Jesus and me. And again, we won't go into details, I'm doing more than talking! Yet this is another area in my life that I do a lot of comparing. My relationship to Jesus compared to my perception of other peoples relationships with Jesus......NOT GOOD I tell you. NOT GOOD AT ALL. The ONLY thing this has done is HINDER me from letting him be the best friend He could be to me!
As I mentioned in a previous post Jon was in a race this weekend. Post race evening we were watching a couple video's they shot of some of the top runners. One person ever so simply stated: you CANNOT run anyone else's race. Only run yours. And run YOUR race the best you can run it and you will have achieved a GREAT run! WOW!! PROFOUND......again maybe not to you but ME!! It sunk in over the weekend and Monday morning this epiphany SLAPPED me in the face. I CANNOT "run" my relationship with Jesus like anyone else's. I need to "run" my relationship with Him and "run" it the best I can! In the end that's what matters to me is my relationship with Him, not how "perfect and better I think everyone else's is". So I'm working on it......not comparing. Maybe once I've made Him my Best Friend I can "run" my own race in ALL the other area's of my life! Or least give it a good try, after all I am human.
Jon's Grandpa's Bible that I found on the coffee table where Jon's dad sits.....I've NEVER seen this Bible sitting out. EVER. I was overjoyed! I don't know where they stand in their relationship but we pray for them often! We want ALL of our family to be together in Heaven together one day {hopefully soon} where there will be NO more pain & suffering....NO more sadness or tears!

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Erika Reiner said...

You are precious....

PLEASE...always do what you do you. Tim told me that one day and it's just so true. I personally feel like you are a sincere blessing to me and one of the VERY FEW I feel so comfortable being so vulberable around especially when it comes to my faith. On MANY occasion, God has used YOU to work in my life and I KNOW he uses you in sooo many other people's lives.

xoxo....beautiful post love!