Monday, October 18, 2010

Overnight Camping Trip

With packs on our backs we headed down the trail Friday afternoon
enjoying a beautiful walk through the woods
arriving at what would be our home for the night!
The girls were BEYOND excited about this overnight stay {literally I wish I would have caught the moment on camera when we told them. They were jumping up & down screaming.....MORE excited then when we told them we were going to Disney for 1 week!}
Some nature nuggets we spotted
We hiked in to our camping spot which meant we packed the bare essentials.....SO nice in some ways......even sitting on the ground
and dinner: FAST and FILLING......Ramen Noodles and Edamame!
Jon was pretty excited to dust off his backpack stove and put it to use!
Isn't a good roaring fire one of the greatest parts of camping?
Our entertainment of the night included: attempting to balance on wood, finding bugs, and getting sticks blazing hot followed by twirling them around like glow sticks!
My 3 loves bundled was a chilly nights sleep!
We woke up to the sun streaming through the trees
and hiked back out of the woods
THANKFUL that we will be returning for a long camping trip next weekend with some friends!!

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The Hadfields said...

Yall are too cute. That's ALL I can say!!