Thursday, October 14, 2010

Field Trip

I like field trip days. #1 I get to spend the day with my oldest who is gone from me 5 out of 7 days of the week......and by the time I get her home she's tired. #2 Life gets busy and sometimes there are things I want to do with my family but not always a weekend free to do them. #3 I get to talk to to other moms. #4 It gives me a really good and honest excuse as to why I did not get any house chores done!

Last week found us at the Apple Valley Orchard. It couldn't have been a more perfect fall day to learn all there is to know about apples
and taking a tractor ride thru hundreds of apple trees
and learning about the process of apples going from the trees to boxes and then some on to apple cider
and last but not least a story about Johnny Apple Seed.
{she took her story telling role VERY serious!}
Maybe, just maybe I can recreate this with my family here one day soon!
We then stopped for lunch and park play
Before making our way to Fire Station #4
I don't talk to my kids enough about fire safety......probably because I've never been involved in a house fire. So it was a good time for both my ladies to hear ALL about being fire safe!
and NOT to be scared of this guy if you ever meet him face to face in your house!
It was a fun and learning filled day with beautiful sunny skies following us at each stop we made!

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