Monday, March 21, 2011

Typically when I think of St Patrick's Day I think of ALL THINGS GREEN! But when I spotted these rainbow cupcakes I knew instantly that the girls HAD to share these with their friends at school! We could all use a little "luck of the Irish" eh?!!

Pretty easy but SUPER time consuming......1/2 way through & 1030 pm I went into "can I back out of this" thinking mode?!! I am NOT a night owl.....espcially when I am up alone! But sometimes just the thought of making your kids smile {or other people for that matter} keeps you going & it did....till midnight to be precise!!

Batter separated into 6 different bowls & turned into 6 different colors {pretty sure my grandmother would have gone nuts if she saw ALL the food coloring I had to use....she was NOT a fan of food coloring!}
Then I layered color after color to represent the rainbow {insert time consuming part!} but the end result was pretty great......especially if you cut the cupcake right down the middle!
Topped off with white icing & last minute I added yellow sprinkles {not pictured} to represent the gold at the end of the rainbow!
Pretty certain there were 4 teachers & 46 kids feelin' pretty lucky on 3/17/11!


Heidi said...

46 kids!!!!! I nominate you for supermom of the year! Love love love them! Did you use a cake mix or is that from scratch too? Super post friend.

LJ said...

my girls would go nuts for these! Great idea.

Kristi said...

i have plans to make quinn a rainbow cake for his 6th.