Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Presidents Program

Last week both 1st grade classroom's at AW Spalding {where Kayden goes to school} put on a "President's Program"! The teachers & students put a LOT of hard work into this evening!

Each child had a specific role they played
Kayden was Clara Barton....a nurse how fitting!
Every bit of the 2 hours was enjoyed by both young & old!
"E is for equality! America's laws demand it!!"
"I am Clara Barton, I was known as the angel of the battle field during the Cival War & I founded the American Red Cross"
They sang LOTS of songs....LOVED IT!
They each had a poster they had made & had to present to the audience

Couldn't be a prouder momma or daddy out there! You're LOVED Clara Barton!


Erika Reiner said...

I love how you were Clara! You have lots of nurses around you who love being nurses (auntie Erika included)! I love the artwork you did too of Abe Lincoln, US Capital and Lady Liberty! Great job!!! Very cool! There's this neat book President Obama wrote for his daughters called, "Of the I Sing". It's really good! We bought it because it tells of many important people in American history in a really cute/fun way!

Love ya girlie!!!

Auntie Erika

Heidi said...

What a brilliant idea! She looked perfect and I know she can act that part! Love these moments!

Kristi said...

i always cry at things like this. did you get teary?