Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've been MIA for a reason

Not that I'm assuming there are 10's and 1000's of you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering why I've been slacking on my blogging as of late BUT I thought I'd share with you all what I've been up to recently! Some of you know {from just being a friend of mine or after reading this post} that Jon & I have decided to where near even filling out paper work yet....really just in the very early stages of YES {!!!} this is something we want to do!!!! BUT we must get some $$ saved up to get this process going! Since that post where I was still being highly impatient with God, he's calmed my heart & brought me in a place of peace during our "saving $$ stage"! I started an etsy site to sell Pencil & Crayon Rolls {that I sew} in order to start making & saving some $$ on the side. I've done ok......BUT I. WANT. MORE. THAN. OK. Which means I have to work harder towards getting more than ok right?!!! Which brings me to why I've been MIA & where you can find me this week!! Chattanooga has several children's consignment sales.....I LOVE going to 1 in particular {Jack & Jill Consignment Sale} for both selling & buying for my girls! I rarely buy anything brand new these days.....except for undies & some shoes & maybe a jacket here & there! So a few months ago I had an idea that maybe I should be a vendor!! I was excited initially, signed up & started sewing....I am such a PROCRASTINATOR or as I like to refer to this problem..."I work better under pressure"!! My last few weeks have been spent sewing & getting things ready for this sale! My house it torn up sideways & backways & upways & all kinds of ways....normally I go into freak out mode over my house being messy. BUT overall God has really kept me calm & focused through my dust filled laundry piling mess of a home......SOOOO thankful for Him & all the ways he works in my life.....even the small ways! I can't fully commit to say that we're not DYING to start some MASSIVE cleaning though around this place!!
Yesterday started the sale.....I didn't sleep very well Friday night & woke up with that nasty queasy nervous feeling. Jon stopped & prayed with me, a few girlfriends checked in to say they were praying for me & before I new it my nerves were settled! Some confidence settled in it's place! I tried to keep my expectations super low {like maybe I won't sell 1 roll} so that I would not leave disappointed & continued to remind myself throughout the day that we are doing this for God {Him} & he had this all under control no matter the outcome! I sold 2 crayon rolls.....thanks to a friend! Not sure if it was pity or she really wanted them but none the less I sold 2! GRATEFUL!!! I'm gonna stick out this whole week.....even if I don't sell any cause you never know what that crazy Man has up His sleeve! If He's gonna work through me I gotta do some leg work too, right??.......even if I'm just sitting on my behind all week long people watching {which I won't complain about either.....that's quite dreamy to me}!!

I had a vision in my head of what I wanted this table to look like.....I'm loving a little farm + vintage style so I took off with that!
{actually when I found this table my husband was anything less than impressed!!} The end result was just what I had envisioned it to be!
Kayden's red suitcase {thrift find!} that we gave her for Christmas is the perfect holding spot for all the rolls.....makes for easy browsing of the different choices!
The camera was my grandfathers. Jon found that piece of slate from the roof of an old house. The flower vases, pen holder, books & business card holder are all thrifting finds. The old wooden thread holders in the glass jar are from Jon's grandma! I made the pin cushion for Kayden.
I made the banner out of fabric scraps
So I really love how most of this stuff has a history or a sentimental value to me......all these things made the table into just what I wanted it to be!
So while I am keeping my expectations low I also have COMPLETE confidence that God has a grand plan of what he wants for me & this week!!! Now looking into being a vendor at our local Chattanooga Market!! We'll see!! Keep me in your prayers this week if you have a sec!

Phew I've got some blog catching up to all the way back to the last of February! I'll do it I PROMISE!!


Erika Reiner said...

Very cool! Not sure if you are doing this or not, but with each roll you should include some facts about the worldwide orphan crisis to bring awareness to those who stop by your table.

Good luck this week. praying for your cause.

Melanie Anne said...

Hi kera! I love that you are adopting and that you are putting your trust in God in this endeavor. I am going to try and stop by the sale tomorrow and I will happily buy a crayon roll!! I love your table--It looks perfect!! I love that all the items have sentimental value! Good luck!! xo

Kristi said...

your set up is perfection. sending you good vibes.

ps. my email

Kelly said...

Kera, what a great display of your creations! So creative and well thought out! I love your creativity!!

I will pray that your sales are blessed and bring in lots of funds for your adoption!

Go get em'! Also...i can't remember if you have done this yet, but have you set up an Etsy shop? I had another idea, too...but I just forgot..will let you know when/if i remember. ;-)

Melanie Anne said...

My eight year old was home very sick today--so I wasn't able to come. I think he may have strep. I am hoping to come before it is over or I will order one off your etsy! Hope your sales were good today!