Sunday, April 24, 2011


We're back to that time of year again! I wouldn't say were HUGE sports people {well maybe I should speak for the girls & I.....I think Jon's been forced into not being a HUGE sports guy....being out numbered by girls!} but we all enjoy when baseball season rolls around! Crazy as it may be for the 2 or so months in which the games take place. For several weeks we literally go from tutu's to cleats & they LOVE it!
This is the only year {until they are much older} that they will be on the same team
Which makes life a bit easier with only 1 to 2 games a week to attend rather than 3 or 4!!
Their daddy decided to coach them this year since they were playing together....he's AWESOME! I'm partial I know!
Baseball brings the kids together.....teamwork & friendships are formed
We had opening ceremonies prior to their 1st game this past Monday evening! Each team is announced & they run the bases together!
Makes my heart swell
Introducing the PIRATES!!
Top Row: Coach Jon, Kayden, Jada, Ethan, Taylor, Sam, Piper, Coach Jeff
Bottom Row: Zoe, Emery, Aiden, Lucas
Some last minute pep talk prior to their 1st game
{can you spot the nose picker???}
.....and a prayer! Did I mention that I think Jon is the BEST coach???
In action: Kayden- 1st base, Jon- pitching, Emery- in between 1st & 2nd

Up to bat: Emery
{special request: pink helmet!}
Up to bat: Kayden
If this season goes anything like Monday night did, then were in for a BLAST the next 8 weeks!!!


Heidi said...

LOVE!! I've gone back & forth about baseball... I've listened to parents lives being run by the practices! But this post makes me want to jump in & do it! SO CUTE! And I love that the girls love it so much!

Kristi said...

quinn loves loves baseball. he is always telling us that is his favorite thing in america. everyone here tries to talk him into some cricket...not happening.