Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Part 2

This year we were awakened earlier than usual {7:15} by an extremely excited 7 y/o who, without warning, ripped the covers off her younger sister to get the Easter morning festivities started!!

We are not animal lovers {BUT we do not hate them....they're just not for us!!}.....ok it's Jon & I, not the girls & we just are not fond of animals living in our home. Nor do we feel it's fair to take on a dog or cat when it seems we're too busy to give them the attention they deserve. Then several months ago Emery was diagnosed with cat/dog allergies & the Dr said NO cats/dogs as pets! THANK YOU ALLERGY DR!!! But they are really really in love with animals {especially the oldest} so we thought birds would be a 2nd runner up to a cat/dog! It proved to be true!! They were ecstatic when they walked into their playroom!! One for each of them.....they sat for a few minutes gazing at these beauties!
Meet Ruben {we don't know where that name came from??} which is Emery's bird & Twitter {thanks Jon for the idea that Facebook & Twitter would be good bird names} which is Kayden's bird!
And just like that they were off to hunt the rest of their treasures.....so FAST that I couldn't even capture them on camera.....just blurs of them!
We try to keep gifts practical.....things we would buy them anyways
Rain Boots
Play-Dough which was quickly molded into birds
And then I really tried to keep the "candy" part All Natural, maybe a bit more expensive but sooo much easier for this momma to say YES to an All Natural Fruit Bar at 7:26 am.....or any time of day for that matter! They were quite pleased too!
Jon & I had a spur of the moment late night crafting date after all kids were in bed.....so romantic we are!! But really it's those kinds of hours spent together that I love the most! He loves art stuff & so together we whipped up these cute pails which were a hit with the girls!
Fun part about the pails is that they are not just for Easter.....they will now be transformed into veggie/fruit pails for the market, nature treasure holders, marker/pencil/crayon holders.....oooooo & so much more!
The girls & I made a simple breakfast & from that point on there was a BUNCH of laziness that took place! Laziness that rarely occurs in this household of ours. We didn't do a thing & we LOVED it....all 4 of us!! Jon & I decided we probably hadn't had that lazy of a day since pre-kids! So lazy that the day seemed to go on forever. THOSE my friends are GOOD GOOD DAYS!!
Then the laziness came to a screeching halt as we headed to Gran & Papa's
For Easter baskets with SUPER CUTE LOOFAH'S
Unexpected loving
{my girls typically play well with each other but aren't necessarily lovey with each other}
{ummmmm & while were at it what fashion designer decided this bikini was 7 y/o appropriate??!!......note to self: when gran takes babes bathing suit shopping there will be stipulations!}
Egg Hunting
Momma and
Gran Lovin'
& Easter bunny cake eatin'!
We had a beautiful weekend......filled with family time & Jesus time & relaxing time & fun time which made for 4 very happy Hughes peeps {no pun intended. i promise.}


kelly yvonne said...

lovely post!!

Are you all safe from the storms that raged through the area?

We are praying for you all back home!!


Melanie Anne said...

What a sweet post! You have been on my mind with the recent tornados in our area. I wanted to check in with you and your sweet family and make sure you are all OK. I was out of town for a womens conference and was so shocked, and horrified when my husband texted me pics just minutes from my home of total destruction. I was so grateful that my family was safe, but so heartsick for all those people who have suffered such great loss. I hope you are safe too.