Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter part 1

Easter for us starts on Saturday {Sabbath} because this is our church day. For several years now we've gone to an interactive "walk thru" of the last days of Jesus' life {Sonrise} at Southern Adventist University. Even though we've gone many many years in a row it never gets old......it hits home with me EVERY year! This year I purposefully did not take my camera with me as this can be a HUGE distraction. I wanted my full attention to be in the present.....letting the full story of ALL the sacrifices Jesus made for me seep into my heart & mind. It was beautiful. We took Kayden for the 1st time when she was just a few months old & so it's been really touching to watch them take it all in.....realizing a little more each year what each "scene" means. This year Emery really was mesmerized by the entire thing & was sad once in a while at the way Jesus was being treated. If you live close & have never been you should plan on it next year.....tickets are free but they go FAST!! 7000 tickets gone within the 1st hour they were being passed out!!! It's that good!!
From there we went out to lunch with my mom, sister, neices, & nephew......then on to my mom's for some early Easter festivities!! My mom is always so good about making holidays fun for the kids & this year was no different!! It was a beautiful sunny day......perfect for running through the grass finiding eggs & treasures!
We've been keeping my nephew on Friday's here & there so that he can go to church with us......he's such a good boy!! Who wouldn't be good surrounded by ALL kinds of ladies! Right?!!
Thanks again mom for another holiday spoiling of ALL your grandkids!! It was a busy but fun day.....being reminded to keep our "eyes to the skies {as Kayden's school pastor says} so that we will be ready for Heaven....hopefully VERY SOON!! Also being reminded of how blessed I am to have a wonderful family who enjoys spending an ENTIRE day together!!

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