Monday, March 21, 2011

{thankful through pictures friday}

{a day set aside to list out some gifts i've found throughout the week & adding them to my running list of 1000 gifts!....captured through a lens}

32. Making time for "quiet time" & usually once a week getting a full hour to "listen to God"....whether through prayer, books, or the Bible
{don't judge indeed I do like a little coffee with my creamer!}
33. Swirly clouds & breathing taking colors as the sun was saying goodnight
34. What young eyes are appreciative of when handed the camera
{photo courtesy of Emery 5 y/o}
35. A HUGE mess that is growing as the sale {where I will be a vendor selling "Pencil Rolls for Him"} is just around the corner
36. A family who has seemingly just decided that this mess is "normal" for right now & tolerant of it!
37. Kayden's {my 7 y/o} love for bugs.....she excitedly found this on my back, lovingly removed it, & set it free outside
38. Free afternoons to do as we please
39. Radio/CD player in my kitchen......danced Friday afternoon away by myself....looked COOKOO I'm sure but I had the best time!
40. Veggies added to ordinary spaghetti sauce & instantly it became extraordinary

41. Grocery shopping & cooking with my mom & sister Friday......we made a GREAT team in getting ready for a "hospitality breakfast" for church Saturday morning
42. Prayer.......the ability at a moments notice to fall silent & speak with God the concerns or joys of our hearts

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Melanie Anne said...

What a beautiful and inspiring list!! I loved it--thank you!