Friday, March 11, 2011

{thankful through pictures friday}

{a day set aside to list out some gifts i've found throughout the week & adding them to my running list of 1000 gifts!....captured through a lens}
This last week appears to have had a lot of FOOD thankfuls! Must be that Zimmerman, Oster, or Hughes in me! LOVE ME SOME FOOD!
18. Hot Steel Cut Oats with peaches.....running late one morning & this was just what I needed in the car on a cold rainy morning!
19. This mug which holds footprints of my oldest neice around 18 months....she's 11 y/o now!! So I love to be constantly reminded that she was a teeny baby at one point!

20. Bravery! I am so painfully shy when it comes to being up front {picture classroom setting} & my girls appear to be taking after me! So when Kayden was called on for help this last week at our local kids museum you can be certain this mother was PROUD & THANKFUL!

21. Tomatos & Avocados {& a bit of Vegenaise....LOVE that stuff!} on a Whole Wheat bagel with carrots & hummus!22. A free day to play for 7 full whole hours with my 2 girls at the Creative Discovery Museum....they never tire of that place!
23. Using up almost empty about to go bad food & making a meal of it!
24. A store easily accessible for me to grab a few impulsive cravings!
25. Haystack....or as a non-Adventist may call it "taco salad" full of veggies & beans & chips!
26. Angel Food Cake topped with strawberries and cool NOT in season but thankful for a store that carries them season round! YUMMO!
27. Clear dark sky, lit up only by the downtown city lights, on my drive into work this morning.....I do not live in a country devasted by war & gunfire lighting up with sky instead of city lights.

28. Morning worship through my beautiful Christian music CD gifted to me by a beautiful friend {thanks CHAP!!!}......I felt VERY connected to God this morning!

29. A messy messy corner of our living room/ shows of pencil rolls being sewn for an upcoming consignment sale! I signed up to be a VENDOR! Praying God will BLESS MY EFFORTS!

30. Calm uneventful drive to work this morning.....I live in a country which is not devestated by tsunami's or earthquakes. Praying for all of JAPAN!

31. A friend & ALL of her family found ALIVE & SAFE in Japan! GOD IS GOOD!!!

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Erika Reiner said...

Love reading these!!! I got the book...interesting story.

I had this nudge after receiving the book to tell my "work mama" about it. I hadn't opened it yet. She lost her sun unexpectedly in a car accident <1 year ago. Totally strange accident and she is struggling to make sense of it all. So I told her about the book. That evening, I crawled into bed to read/devotion before bed. I had NO IDEA how this book began....UM....So I forewarned her. Perhaps this book is JUST what God is wanting her to read given her story. Not sure. Good book so far though sometimes her writing style is a little bit floral.

Love you and thanks for posting these. I've needed the reminders of the little things and lately I have been counting the blessings around me that most often go unnoticed. Just makes the days all the better in the midst of all the turmoil.