Friday, March 4, 2011

{thankful through pictures friday}

{a day set aside to list out some gifts i've found throughout the week & adding them to my running list of 1000 gifts!....captured through a lens}

10. GORGEOUS sunset
11. Empty suitcases after vacation.....usually this can take me over a week to empty due to being in denial about the return to reality!
12. A room that started getting painted by the husband while the girls & I vacationed {that should be a double thankful! this guy i found is a good one!}
13. A cousin who came to the house for a sleepover & kept my girls in a dreamy baby state of mind
14. A humidifier loaned to us by Aumie for these congested girls
15. A box of Girl Scout cookies.....not for the lbs's it will add to my hips but rather the little girl {maddie} who sold them to us! She has a NASTY kind of cancer, thankful that she is healthy enough RIGHT NOW to sell cookies! {and p.s. she could use ALL of your prayers!!}
16. Snail Mail! I got 2 packages several weeks ago. One from a give-a-way I won {that cute blue hand made beaded bracelet below}. And one from a friend {who by the way is AMAZINGLY good & consistent with sending snail mail} who sent me a SUPER FUN Christian CD!! {if you thought you couldn't rock out to Christian music think again}
17. That I have Epilepsy......cause I could have something far worse.

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Kristi said...

your so good at being thankful...seeing the simple things that really are the big things. inspired.