Friday, February 18, 2011

{thankful through pictures friday}

{a day set aside to list out some gifts i've found throughout the week & adding them to my running list of 1000 gifts!....captured through a lens}
I must admit that I've been SUPER SICK this week, I won't even bore you with the boring details of my days.....moving along! BUT in saying that, these pictures where captured Friday through Sunday before I crashed!

2. Catching my girls playing school {which is done OFTEN!}
3. Often admiring this row of plants that I inherited from my grandmother & somehow have managed to keep them alive
5. Gazing out the window over meals at my bird feeder contraption gifted to me by my sister.....we've really been making LOTS of new friends. Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker! He's gorgeous!
6. Having a date night with my husband & quickly realizing we were the only table with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers on it.......yep he snuck them to the restaurant earlier in the day!
I told myself in the midst of my sickness that I would find good in the middle of the HORRIDNESS I was feeling! SUPER EASY!
7. Sister & Mother who quickly stepped in & took my girls 1 day!
8. School days.....I was able to rest the sickness off while they were being edge-a-mucated!


Erika Reiner said...

On my way home from work yesterday I wondered...."What's Kera going to post about on 'Thankful Friday's'?". You've created a new 'something fun' to begin our Sabbath!

I went to Borders looking for the book and didn't find it. Another Borders is going out of business so I am going to look there tomorrow. If no dice, heading over to Amazon.

Happy Sabbath!

Heidi said...

I was also sick this past week and was also saved by my sister who practically begs for Addison. I am so blessed!
Feel better. Love the thankful Fridays. I need to pick my day and just do it! I've got pictures waiting in line :)
soooo many blessings.
Love you. Glad to hear u r slowly getting better. Hugs!

Kristi said...

you number 6 is so sweet. i am totally jealous...i never get that. be well over there.