Monday, February 7, 2011

Practice makes perfect

1:19 am a little blond dashed into our room with a very unwelcoming yet familiar croupy cough. The next 1 or 2 hours were scary for all 3 of us........mommy & daddy trying to keep her calm because with any crying her breathing became more & more strained. I went back & forth with "should we go to the ER or just ride it out at home"? We ended up with the latter of the 2.....because usually by morning that croupy cough dissipates. Her daddy took her out under the star covered sky for several minutes to see if the cold air would open her airway.......NOPE. She finally gave into her exhaustion & spooned with me the rest of the night. Jon & I lay awake for a long time just listening to her breathing, making sure it wasn't worsening until we too gave in to our exhaustion! She & I slept till 9:40 am......croupy cough still lingering but no signs of sickness. Which left me this really croup that she seems to get on a monthly basis? Or are we dealing with asthma.....which runs on both sides of the family. The pediatrician will tell us in just a short couple hours. We need some assurance here.....that scary difficult breathing is NO fun.....especially for the little blond!

So our morning has been quiet......a game of memory, bird watching over breakfast
& perfecting those letter & number writing skills
I LOVE the childlike letters & backward #'s......after all she just turned 5!


Heidi said...

We're thinking of sweet ems! JDC gets asthma only when he gets congested. Then it's breathing machine for a few days. That thing is magic for him. Good luck! Let us know what doc says.

Kristi said...

she is doing very well for five. be well over there.