Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Candle Light Dinner

Our yearly "Heart Day" tradition! Kids {oh who am I kidding....adults too!} love repetition! Repetition in daily & yearly happenings. I started our Valentines candle light dinner about 4 years ago & my girls LOVED every second of the evening.......so a tradition it's become! It really is very simple yet I think just the added effort I put forth in setting the table extra special along with a couple small "gifts" & adding a handmade goodness by them makes it "fancy" in their minds! This year we had our dinner on Sunday evening.....thank GOODNESS cause this momma fell into a nasty sickness just minutes after eating {and still recovering}!
I found these FUN plates {1/2 off} right after Christmas, tucking them away for this extra special night! {you can find them here} The kids can decorate this female face with their food making dinner even more fun! I set a pink recycled {out of yogurt cups} toothbrush on top of their plates, quite fitting for this candy laden holiday wouldn't you say! {neat thing about this toothbrush is once your done with it, you tuck it back into the sleeve & send it back to the company who makes it! shipping is free on them!}
On the menu:
Salad with fresh veggies & ranch
Punch- equal parts of Pomegranate/Cranberry Juice & Orange/Pineapple Juice with dollops of Pineapple Sorbet
Mini vases with fresh flowers by each plate
Beeswax candles dispersed amongst the table
AND the happy feasting began!
Fun times.....not only with the food and plates......
......but flowers tops & stems!
Hope you are overflowing with love.....not just on this holiday but everyday! CHEERS!


Heather Fig said...

Looks like I need to step up my fancy candle lit dinner :) We had batman napkins... thats fun right? It was our 1st time & we all had fun. Parker even ate some of my beef stew. S L O W L Y.

Kristi said...

that plate is so fun...why have i never seen that.