Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kindergarten Round-Up

A few weeks ago {like 3 to be exact, but turning 5 AND kindergarten round up is all to emotional for 1 momma to blog about at once!} Emery had Kindergarten Round-Up at AW Spalding. We know the routine there & we know she's 100% going to school there as here sister has paved the road before her! BUT we went get her to start thinking about the idea that she will be attending school next year too, along with her cousin and sister!

{please know that I'm totally bawling as I type this because it's my baby leaving for school...MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY people!}
She was a bit anxious....ok a WHOLE LOT anxious! She didn't want to go AT ALL!! We had to force her. Bebe {her blanket which NEVER leaves her side} was in tow along with her ugly doll as we made our way through the school and down to the "meeting area".
After a short meeting with the principal we dropped her off with 1 of the kindergarten teachers.....she was leery. I was too. I don't want her to leave my side just as much as she wants to stay by my side! Sure we have our bad days, doesn't everyone? But that does not negate the fact that I am really having a hard time letting her go.
We passed her in the hall as she was headed for some play time and we went to meet with the kindergarten teachers....she looks so grown up.
By the time I picked her up she was a bit more confident & had a GREAT time!
None the less she was ready to leave. I was too.
Over lunch I said "mommy is gonna be really sad that next year we won't be able to have our special you & me lunches" to which she replied "it's ok momma.....cause I'm gonna have SO. MUCH. FUN. LEARNING. AT. SCHOOL.
Indeed you are my love, & hopefully by August I will be ok with you leaving.....or be medicated!!

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Kristi said...

me too. i may need therapy.