Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines Day!
For the last few years we've tried to come up with something handmade for the girls to pass out to their friends & teachers at school! Something "from the heart"! It's been fun to collaborate together & also do some recycling! While out hiking several weeks ago I spotted some rocks & the idea was born {too bad I'm a HUGE procrastinator & this project JUST got started & finished last night!}! Paired with little sacks I sewed {material I SCORED SUPER cheap at a thrift store!} & little tags made from old book pages {also a great thrift find!} equalled 2 very pleased girls!
{of interest: notice difference in rocks.....Kayden's are from Michigan collected during a camping weekend at the beach, round & smooth}
I really enjoyed that Emery was able to do everything on her own this year! I made 1 rock as an example & she copied the rest! I love the imperfections of it all! That she doesn't get it yet to keep your name or words in 1 line.....if all the letters are there it's all good! LOVE IT!
{while Emery's are from Tennessee.....collected during an afternoon hike, jagged and clay like}
Happy Heart Day!


Kristi said...

you rock. i love this. happy v day.

Heidi said...

A-MAZING!!! Heather & I were ranting on the way to school the other day about how we SO wanted to be organized and on top of this Vday. But, we both weren't. Then Heather said "well don't look at Kristi's FB".... I already did and I think thats what set me off wishing I'd been more organized!! I will learn one of these days :)
LOVE the rocks. You are so stinkin' creative.