Thursday, May 26, 2011

1st 1/2 Marathon Trail Race

5 am came early last Saturday morning. Jon & I crawled out of bed, hit the shower, dressed up in our trail running finest, bib #'s pinned to our shirts, water bottles filled, peanut butter bagels made, i-pods charged, trail shoes tied......AND we were off for our 1st 1/2 marathon trail race!! It felt like a date morning.....just he & I {my wonderful mom spent the night with us so the girls wouldn't have to get out of bed so early!}! The sunrise was beautiful & we were reminded, on our drive up Raccoon Mountain, how lucky we are to have these races in our "backyard"!
Arriving & getting ready for the race
A couple months ago I FINALLY found a couple girls to run with! Our girls are all in the 1st grade but sadly not in the same day maybe! Meet Brooke {next to me} & Teri....we talk & laugh {I'll have to tell another time about our incident with a squirrel crossing our paths a few weeks ago leaving us laughing so hard we stopped running!} & even cry!! It's been fun to get to know them both! Newer friendships must be easy at this point in my life & these 2 are definitely that! We've been able to run at least 2 days a week together & since then I've been left to wonder how I EVER ran alone! Running with someone gives you the motivation to go a little faster or a little longer which equals some great training!
The person who pushed me to start trail running, knowing I would love it & I do
Relaxing a bit ended up being delayed 35 minutes
Post-Race pic! We all finished! I say this with excitement because at one point I really wanted to quit.....I just didn't have anyone to carry me out! It really was a fun race, completely different than road racing but we will all do it again!
Love this man! Even though we may have arguments he is still my "home" where I always want to be! I love that we have common interests......things we can do together, keeping us connected!
Thanks Jon, Brooke, & Teri for a really fun morning!

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