Saturday, May 28, 2011

Water Hoses & Watermelon

My car was getting fixed yesterday which meant we were stuck at home for the day......being stuck at home for the day is a really good thing! We had no where to be.....the day was ours! So 3 girls {my niece came & spent the day with us} slept in a little, ate breakfast & spent the rest of the day {minus 1 1/2 hours inside for lunch & cooling off} outside playing!

I went outside to check on them at one point & they had rigged up 2 hoses to recreate "Splash Mountain" from Disney
They would take turns getting in the wagon riding down the driveway through the hoses which were spraying at each other! Hours of endless fun......the laughing was never ending!
But in between some water hose fun they munched on some watermelon
.......and then back to water hose fun!
A child's imagination will never cease to amaze me along with the joy they get out of simple play! AND it gave this momma, who felt like she was drowning in laundry, a chance to catch up on some house work! WIN WIN situation!

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