Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Following graduation night the REAL fun started!! PROM! Yep it was all about fancy dresses, round lights, big white tent with rusty metal pegs, dance floor, confetti, & music!
The kids danced & laughed for was one of those PERFECT nights
For frog cake eating {their classroom name is Frogs}
hugging friends who you've know since a few months of age
then finding sheer excitement out of dragging them across the dance floor!
Accompanied with perfect weather & cool grass......the whirling & twirling never stopped.....
except for a few "throw me up high daddy" moments!
We stayed till the end.....literally everyone had gone home....the music stopped, chairs foleded up, decorations & food had all been put away. As we walked away the lights were being turned unofficial good bye to the last 5 fun years here!
Thank you E-kids for providing a 2nd safe home to our girls......we will have lasting memories!

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