Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cake Boss {'s}

do you find with each passing year that what our kids are able to watch on tv becomes more & more limited??? i know i know i could just stop watching tv & quit complaining right?! we don't watch a lot of tv anyways but i must admit that there are times where i just don't want to think about anything or do anything rather i want to just sit. but in turning on that box means being very careful as to what my kids are viewing & we are VERY selective......even with the toons....after all there are many a toon that are for adult eyes only. ENOUGH ENOUGH already who asked for my opinion anyway??
we do have a few shows that we are partial to. one being CAKE BOSS on TLC}.....minus some potty words here & there i love how they get their creative juices flowing & can transform a simple idea into a breathtaking cake!

one morning last week i was doing something.....probably trying to be productive but really frantically running around in circles getting nothing done as i can do oh so well sometimes! WHEN i was called to the playroom which was transformed into a cake baking shop!

they had pretended to have taken a customer's order & set out to create a masterpiece!
using play dough {aka fondant}, many different kitchen utensils, & 3 small tables {aka tiers} they created a cake!
i LOVE to watch their creativity come to life & yep we even watch tv sometimes! it goes to show with all things in life....moderation!

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