Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baseball Season of '11

2011 baseball season is behind us.....& for the 1st time since the girls have started playing we were very sad to see it end! Not that we haven't enjoyed the years past but this year brought with it lots of EXTRA SPECIALS!! Like Jon being their coach. A couple players were non-Seventh Day Adventist & had a very good experience with the rest of us Adventist folks! An AWESOME AWESOME parent support system from EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THE. KIDS!!!
Another reason: the girls being on the same GREAT cause we only had 1 to 2 games/week opposed to 2 to 4!
AND lastly but OH SO THE MOST IMPORTANT is this little guy LUKE!! The highlight of our season!! You see he has Muscular Dystrophy & his parents {especially his mom} was nervous about him playing baseball. They heard about the "Collegedale League" {we play quite a bit less aggressive than other leagues} & they decided to give it a try! Sunshine I tell you....this boy is a ball of sunshine. He never ONCE {as opposed to my 2} came to a game with anything but a HUGE smile on his face excited to play ball!! He gave it his ALL....never once giving any less than ALL HE COULD GIVE! Inspiration & a be all you can be & smile BIG no matter what.....despite the odds that are against you! We cried as a "baseball family" many a night when Luke hit the ball or when Luke made it to base or when LUKE MADE IT TO HOME BASE!!!! You see this may have been his 1st & last year to play baseball.....although we are praying hard it's not!! We NEED & WANT HIM back on our team next summer!! If you could have heard all the dad's chanting "LUKE LUKE LUUUUUUKKKEEE" when he was up to was awesome! We love you Luke Dotson & hope to see you again on the baseball field next year!
Always my little spit fire of a girl....that youngest of mine! She kept us on our toes this season!
This one: ready to move on to a bigger league next year
Her 1 wish was a pink helmet....thank goodness for daddy's with {sometimes} soft hearts!
Not 1 assistant coache but 5....really a memorable year for everyone!!! At the end of each game you could hear...."gggGGooooOOOOOO PIRATES ARRRRGHHHH!
We ended our last game with a pizza party
& baseball cupcakes

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kristi said...

all this makes me miss america. baseball. a boy from quinn's school asked him if he could get a baseball card for him, so my mom mailed a pack to us. i was actually there when he gave it to the boy. it was very cute.