Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crazy fun short weekend

Life gets busy....days become a blur & time seems to quickly flee without care! I made some lasting friendships in high school & college and despite all of our busy days & separate lives {some far far away} we seem to be able to manage a visit here & there! No matter the time that separates those visits we seem to catch up from the point we left off......those are the lasting friendships!! One of those rare visits happened a couple weekends ago & although it was originally meant to be a Thursday evening through Sunday evening kind of visit it crazily turned into a Friday night through Sunday early afternoon kind of visit! It was far too short but we packed in some quality time together.....laughing & talking & eating & talking & talking & laughing!
even the kids got in some quality time......cause you know they're forced to be BF's too!!
I always love that my mom is a part of our weekend get togethers.....she loves my girlfriends like her own & the feeling is mutual on their end!
the friend I made in high school....seems crazy that we've been friends for 21 years
also friends since high school
Shaun & Dede who moved away MANY years ago from Chattanooga & it was VERY good to be able to catch up on life even if just a little
NEVER EVER a dull moment when there is any mixture of us around....even a few girlfriends were missing so you can just imagine the craziness that occurs when we are together!

I couldn't & wouldn't choose any other friends to grow old with & I'm even more appreciate with age the time I have with them for the visits are far & few in between....except the one from the womb & I'm not sure the Dr's actually separated our umbilical cord!


Erika Reiner said...

Love the pics. You were definitely missing a few.

jodi said...

so sweet that you can gather to reminisce together. it's a rarity! sweet blog goodness here x