Saturday, June 25, 2011


So hard to believe that we just {well the summer meaning of "just" is 3 weeks ago!} finished our 5th YEAR of dance! 5 years for Kayden & 3 years for Emery! Every Monday finds us making a 30 minute-ish drive to Karen Horton's Dance Studio for 1 1/2 hours of ballet & tap for Emery and ballet & jazz for Kayden! They both really love dancing & until it becomes a stress of fighting them to go we will continue our weekly trek to dance!
Maybe not the most enjoyable part of the recital but they definitely like what they see in the mirror when I'm done!
Aumie sneaking up to the dressing room to help with some finishing touches
Each of the girls had 2 performances but they each had one song they liked a little more than the other!
Emery's was a "Part of Your World" {ballet} where she was a mermaid
Kayden's favorite was "Start the Commotion" {jazz}
Emery's 2nd performance was "The Princess Song" {ballet}
Kayden was an Oompa Loompa from "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" {ballet}
Ever so proud of these girls & always in awe of how quickly times passes through our finger tips
All too soon they'll be too big for me to pick up but you can bet I'm going to try until I can't
A recital is meant for showing off & I feel blessed for my babies that they have such a HUGE cheering section every year!
My best friend has recently moved closer to us & was able to come watch the girls
Cousin Taylor
Auntie.....all this girly stuff is right up her ally
unsuccessful in the sense of not getting all eyes looking at the camera with smiles on everyone's face BUT completely successful in making me smile while looking through all our pictures from the night!
We're giving our feet & legs a rest {well they are.....I guess I never was a dancer!} for a few weeks....we'll be back to our weekly dancing routine in the fall!

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Erika Reiner said...

I feel like they are WEEDS!!! I mean, you shared photos from last year and then this year!?!? Each year they get so much bigger and just when I think they can't be any more cute...there they go!!!

Love this post! Love that they dance at such a young age. I'm envious!