Thursday, June 30, 2011

FREE of the training wheels

A bit late in this post but it deserves some showing off so better late than never! Early May I was leaving work & headed home when I received a phone call that I must come STRAIGHT to Gran & Papa's {Jon's parents} house to "see something"!
When I arrived this is what I found.....a 5 year old BEYOND excited for she had mastered the skill of riding without training wheels!!
Jon found that once the girls were able to master riding their Razor scooter's they were ready to have their training wheels removed! It proved true with each one! Such a confidence builder this proves to be!! Oh the riding that has taken place since that proud little girl & even more proud are her parents!
A couple videos taken of that special day! Forgive me for making you have to cock your head sideways!

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kristi said...

i laughed over your comment the other day. i feel like i totally know so many of my blog friends on such a personal level, so thanks for sharing your story i was totally smiling.