Wednesday, June 29, 2011

recycling the recycled!

During our yearly Valentines dinner we gave the girls {as one of their little gifts} toothbrushes which were made from recycled yogurt cups! The extra goodness to them is that once you are finished with them you slip them back into the package they came in & drop them in the postage required!! Extra DOUBLE goodness!! They are then shipped back to the company where they will be recycled AGAIN! Extra TRIPLE goodness!!
Simple pleasures I tell you is all it takes to make these girls of mine find JOY!
With a simple opening of the door....placement of the toothbrush into the slot....& shutting of the door these used toothbrushes are off for some recycling!
There are some things in life that I don't bother my energy with {ie politics....don't lecture me PLEASE!}.......... where my thinking is "what difference will my one small vote or gesture make??" God is ultimately in control anyway right?!! BUT other things {ie our environment} I feel compelled to be that one small person, in a world surrounded by millions and millions of other humans, who tries to make a difference! After all God graciously gave us this earth to enjoy & so we must respect it & take care of it in order to continue enjoying it right?? We recycle, we try not to be wasteful {TRY being the key word.....we have soooo much more to work does one live without paper towels??!!}, we turn lights off when not in a room, we TRY to not let the fridge/freezer stay open when not necessary, we turn the heat down/air up when we leave the house daily {hubby to thank for that one!}, we don't litter, ect, ect, ect! So although SUPER DUPER small.....we felt good about purchasing recycled toothbrushes & then turning around & sending them off for some more recycling goodness!! Kids learn by example & I hope they grow up to respect & take care of this planet we inhabit!

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