Monday, September 15, 2008

3rd annual Cape Hatteras Family Vacation!

So this was our 3rd summer in a row to visit our favorite vacation place as a family! We go to Cape Hatteras, NC which those of you who aren't familiar may now know it by the movie coming out....Nights in Rodanthe (I think that's the name of the movie). We had another great year....great weather (minus being encouraged to leave 1 day early by the islanders {which we did} due to tropical storm Hannah coming through) and as always great food thanks to mom!!!! We get up, eat breakfast, head to the beach for a few hours, come home for lunch, out to the pool for the rest of the day, back in for dinner, and call it a night! This is our routine day in and out for 6 days and it is heaven to us! Sorry for all the pictures but it's hard to choose the best and I took alot!!! 

Dancin' some more!
Taken by Taylor
Little sisters
Loved swimming more than ever this summer
Sorry for the nakedness but so cute!

Gotta love those bunsies!
Fish face.....

Endless nights of great food!! Our seafood night!
Mom and I got up early one AM to watch the sunrise 
and walk the beach shores! It was a very beautiful 
and peaceful morning! Is there a GOD?!!!

Dancing in the sunrise!
Her fav oldest auntie!!

Painting the deck.....your welcome home owners!
My mother will maybe kill me but I love her 
for having a sense of humor and loving life!
Please wait....I can't keep up!
My beauty pregnant sister!
The daily trip to the beach
Are we related??!!!
Breaking all rules while vacationing....jumping on the bed!

Simple fun of life......sand/H2O and some buckets & shovels
They found a crab!


Amy said...

What a great trip. You'll have to post pics of your niece, once she's born. :)

Carlina said...

It might be one of best trip of yours.