Monday, September 15, 2008

Erika and Tim's Wedding!!!!

One of my best friends Erika & her "biance" (as she lovely calls him) Tim got married this last weekend in Florida and Jon & I were able to be there for the whole weekend! Everyone stayed right on the beach and it was a very fun, relaxing, and beautiful weekend! We got to see old friends (some who we haven't seen in a long time) along with making new ones! I'm lucky to have a husband who can make conversation with anyone!!! Hurricane Ike thankfully decided to take a turn and left us with beautiful sunny days! Erika was obviously a beautiful bride and married a great guy that we feel lucky to call a new friend! They got married right in front of the beach on a little grassy area and it was a perfect setting, hearing the waves crash in the background. Congrats guys and may you have a beautiful long life together with lots a little kids!!!! Thanks for including us in your weekend, we had so much fun!

Friday night get together with Haystacks (taco salads for the non-Adventists!) to eat and lots of good friends/family!
Thanks for the bunny ears Stephy!

The bride to be, me, and the mom of the bride!


Erika Saturday morning prior to going out to hit the waves.....or waves hit her! Whatev!
Same weekend, same people, but obviously have to get a picture with every new outfit!!!

Old friend Angel (who we haven't seen in forever)

The Freelands with new, soon to be, son-in-law Tim

Getting hair did.....

.....and done!

Pre Wedding
Old married people!
Linda and Erika looking beautiful as always!
The couple

Beautiful bride!
At the "nups" as Erika called it!
Mr and Mrs. Timothy Reiner!

Off to the beach to throw "wishing stones"

Us again

Me and Steph....entertainer of the weekend

Great picture
Me and Heath

Yet another picture being completely silly!

Cupcake cake cutting....very fun!
Erika and her brother (Michael) dancing, so sweet!
Erika and her dad dancing......I think everyone shed a tear or two!
The newlyweds off with bubbles

Beautiful flowers

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Erika said...

You are an amazing photographer!!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful pics!!! Can we get a copy??? Love you and miss you tons!!!! It's never long enough!