Monday, September 22, 2008

Lauren Elisabeth Smith arrived!!!!

Lauren Elisabeth Smith arrived today at 4:48pm!!! 6lbs8oz and 20 inches long! Kristi's water broke around 6:00pm yesterday evening and her Dr. let her stay at home until this morning because she was not having contractions or in any pain. She did great, hardly had to push!! Mom and I were able to be in the delivery with her, Will, and Taylor. We are so excited for yet another baby girl addition to the family! Taylor couldn't be a prouder big sister, not to mention her parents! Kayden and Emery came to the hospital this evening to visit her and Kayden appears to need a baby of her own!! true Emery fashion stared are her and went to find her aumie (my mom) to give her some love! She's been dethroned as the baby! Last night we were talking to her at bedtime about Lauren coming. Jon asked her if she was going to kiss her and she said...."NO"!!! Jon then said are you going to bite her......"YES"!!! Congrats to my sister, Will, and niece Taylor!! Here are a few pictures but there will be more to come!

Not amused with all the lights and fuss!
Big sister and little sister
First family photo!
She was sooooo alert once she could finally get her eyes open.


Erika said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!!! We share a birthday!!! How fun! Aunt Erika is so excited to meet you! I know your new sister, mommy, and daddy are so thankful you are here and healthy! congrats to your family! With all our love, Erika and Tim (somewhere over the Caribbean....)

The Hadfields said...

What a cutie!! Congrats to your sister!!

Heidi said...

Congrats Auntie! She is beautiful. Always enjoy your blog- it encourages me to do more! Love to kristi, baby, and taylor! Hope mommy is doing good. keep the pictures coming. xo heidi

Heather said...

Auntie Heather needs to see more pix please!!!!!! Hurry Auntie Kera, hurry!! :)