Sunday, September 21, 2008

So I think our little Emery Grae is going to be quite the comedian! She keeps the whole family laughing and I had to share of few of her recent funnies!!!!

We were in the car traveling to Cape Hatteras for our family vacation and the girls were at each other's throats!! Jon and I had given several "that's it" warnings but nothing seemed to be working. While facing forward I stretched my arm to the back seat for a couple leg swats (in the nicest motherly lovingly way possible!!!! :) ). As my hand was up in the air Emery said..... "you give me high five mommy"???!!!! Of course we all burst out laughing. So on down the road we went and within a short time the cat fights started up again!!! This time I turned around and said "that's it..... everyone close your mouth and fold your hands now!!!!" They obeyed and within a few seconds Emery looks over to Kayden and says......"you talka Jesus first??" Out of trouble again!!!!

Then a couple days ago I was giving her a bath and she starting laughing, puts her hand over her bottom and says......"it burped!!"

Loving the laughs that the girls bring to my days! Sometimes it is what truely gets me through the frustrating days that child raising can bring!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Cari said...

The part about her bottom "burping" is just too cute!