Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Day at Auntie's House

We were all able to be together yesterday as a family (no one was working or out of town, Karlie was in town to visit) and so we were able to spend the afternoon together! It was lots of fun! We ate lunch, we visited, held and loved on the newest addition to our family, the girls played and played, we laughed, and took a few pictures! It was a fun day!

4 Generations of Estrogen together in 1 house!!!! Sorry to the 2 men.....

Mom trying to wake Lauren with a noise maker!!! Nothing can wake her....during the day!!!
Sweet little Lauren Elisabeth
Spider man (A.K.A. Kayden) saving the day.....with her violin as the weapon of choice!
Story time with Aummie

Kristi and her girls
Jon being serious and me not!!! 
We had a fun afternoon....
See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil!
Finally a serious one!
Taylor showing off her guitar skills.....she's sooo good!!

Auntie Karlie and her neices
Mom and her girls


The Hadfields said...

How neat that your family is so full of girls!!! And beautiful ones at that!! :)

Heather said...

ok, you KNOW that mask on kayden freaks me out!! :) such great pix hon! loved to see the new ones of miss lauren. you are definitely a busy woman!! love you.