Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Creative Discovery Museum

I took the girls to the Creative Discovery Museum today and they had a blast! They have a small outdoor section along with a "theme section" which right now is Clifford....the big red dog and they are huge fans of him!!!!

This is a pulley seat where they have to pull themselves up using the rope in front of them

Kayden trying out the bubbles
Emery trying out her hoola hoop skills!

Clifford and Emily.....they brought her flowers and wanted to pose with her!
Driving the CDM car
Digging for Dinosaur bones
Crawling through the cave to look at a snake.....ewwwww
Kayden looking at rocks through the microscope
Emery molding clay

1 comment:

Amy said...

How fun!! I haven't been to that place since it opened, almost 13 years ago!! I want to try to take Sophie sometime when we visit!! :)