Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the DIRTY truth as.....

encouraged by KARAH. i grew up in a house that EVERY single friday WITHOUT fail was house cleaning day! it became 2nd nature to us.......my mom now wonders why i'm a little freakish about cleaning....hhmmm?? i wonder!! even during college and living with 5 other girls my twin and i (she probably would like to blame more of this on me) set up a friday cleaning schedule. we broke down the "house chores" and EVERYONE had one. SORRY if you had plans....work your plans around your "chore"! *we threw in a little fun and ROCKED out to some 80's music!!* and again this followed me into my own home.....jon has maybe wanted to wring my neck on occasion! with 1 child born it kinda put a cramp into how clean i was able to keep the house and then with the 2nd child some days are near IMPOSSIBLE to even keep the clutter at bay much less control the dust and soap scum! so while blogging seems to portray ONLY perfection please KNOW that my house knows nothing of that word.

stuff waiting to be put away from a baby shower 2 weeks ago
painted pumpkins from last week still haven't found their show casing home yet....in the back ground are life insurance papers which need to be filed
the play room stays this way....as it should!!! quit booing me and STOP throwing tomatoes!!
items to be returned to various stores....which have been patiently waiting here for 2 1/2 weeks
paint and supplies sitting on our bedroom floor waiting to be used on the walls of our bedroom
and bathroom but still no progress......you'd think maybe our company coming this weekend would have pushed us in to late night painting parties....NOPE!
so there you have it.....the dirty truth. and please know that my laundry is, most days, piled to the ceilings.....sinks screaming to be freed of toothpaste.....floors begging to be vacuumed and washed. the list is endless. AND thanks karah cause this may just set off some loose crazy cleaning screw in my mind!

while confessing i might as well just say that i have only ONCE in my own house dwelling career hired a house cleaner. AND i regretted every penny i spent as i went back over her work and re-cleaned the entire house. that was about 5 years ago. i have really worked hard to let go of that house keeping perfection, especially for my kids' sake. i've worked so hard that tomorrow.....dare i type this and feel less of a mom/wife????......i have a house cleaner coming. eeeekkkk i typed it....it's out there!! we'll see, i'm trying to keep my expectations low.....signing off before i delete this WHOLE blog out of sheer embarrassment!


greenchickadee said...

Whoo hoo, you filthy woman! And really? The house cleaner??? I will agree, most people don't clean to my standards either, even though my house is never spotless, if I am gonna do a job, it's gonna get done RIGHT! Hope it works out OK! Thanks for the honesty. I feel a little tiny bit better now. :)

Heather Figueiredo said...

oh Kera! I love you, just the way you are! I have TONS of memories of you all cleaning @ SA! Fun times. I hope the cleaning lady is a clean freak, or at least a slight clean freak. We've had a cleaning lady a couple times (when our house was on the market) and they did a terrible job. This coming from a woman with very few cleaning expectations ;) I appreciate your honesty!