Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grandparents Day

This last Friday was "Grandparent's Day" at Kayden's school! A day to completely celebrate and acknowledge these VERY special people who: give ice cream cones to their grandchildren at 10:00 am JUST BECAUSE they finished their breakfast, allow them to stay up waaayyy past their bedtime just because they had that special twinkle in their eye while sapping'ly begging to stay up just a tiny bit longer, have patience x's 5000 people even when they are oh so whiney, buy them something just because they DIDN'T ask for anything, oh the list is endless BUT more importantly because they LOVE these babies beyond life itself and LOVE their time spent with them! They deserve LOTS and LOTS of celebration!!

who needs decorations when the front of the school is packed with this beauty
k-5 put on a program for the grandparents.....kayden's class singing
(please note even through the blurriness that taylor is in the background, this will probably NEVER happen again that we were able to get them both in the same picture!!)
showing off her classroom and eating lunch with aumie.....
gran and papa! what a special day!!
and a just because she's precious picture.....and it DOES help that she is FOREVER posing for me!!!

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