Thursday, November 26, 2009

grateful gobbler walk '09

with sleepies in our eyes, tangles in our hair, and and layers of clothes on our bodies we headed downtown to brace the early morning briskness of this beautiful THANKSGIVING to join hundreds of other people for support of those people who are homeless and hungry.

we met up with the family
warming up before the walk
a little dancing with the turkey
shaking some laughs out
jumping up and down to get the blood flowing
awesome to be a part of supporting our community
mom got a little tired along the way (not really!!)
it was a wonderful way to start the day! we are about to stuff ourselves into a long afternoon nap and it was a time to remember that there are soooooo many people without homes and without food today
i hope that where ever you are today and whatever you are doing you are able to enjoy this day to the FULLEST!!! I know we are and have already!!!!


The Hadfields said...

What a great way to start the day! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Heidi said...

Looks & sounds like such a great time! Way to go Hughes fam!!