Monday, November 2, 2009

There once was a story.....

about a friendly tiger and funny pig!!
who were being followed by a creepy burger king girl
on a beautiful fall evening with nothing to light the streets 'cept the moon and a couple headlamps
and the only day of the year in which it's completely acceptable to dress up and knock on as many doors as possible begging for candy......or even a potato or two!!
and possibly see a few witches....only the most friendly ones of course!
and be attacked by the burger king girl
who, we found out, was trying to steel the cutest pumpkin EVER!!!
and finally to run home where the friendly tiger neatly organized every piece of candy in matching category's
and the funny pig dumped her bag out.....ate a few bites and hit the hay! THE END!!

we had a fun evening, still surprised the girls aren't opinionated as to what they "want to be"(it's still up to mom who either finds a used costume for cheap or reuses stuff at home). we "repurposed" some stuff at home this year and it worked! you've never seen a princess pig and princess tiger??? where have you been! ooo ooo ooo AND i'm an aspiring face painting artist....i'll be booking soon for parties! hope you had a fun night too!!


Charisa said...

I soooo remember as a little kid spreading out my candy like that! Looks like an awesome evening :) Congrats on the anniversary too!!

Heather Figueiredo said...

the boys didn't start organizing candy until day 4-now they are obsessed with dumping it and counting & sorting all of it, several times a day. As long as they don't notice what mommy is eating its all good!

We would like to book the face painting artist for Ashton's bd in April.... or maybe we can wait until the 1st weekend in May-for our triathlon :)

Heidi said...

I was so thankful when Jackson picked out a $9.99 outfit at Target!! It took a little more to get a PURPLE tinkerbell however :) This has become addison's FAVORITE holiday- she has organized, counted, talked hours upon hours and shared candy for days. She is IN LOVE w/ candy. And not just eating it!

love the princess tiger and pig! and the burger king girl is priceless!! great pics- looks like so much fun and makes me miss you even more!!