Monday, November 9, 2009

My M-O-M

I've mentioned before, to those who don't know my past, (and just skip ahead if you do!) that my mom was my one and only parent.....involved in the majority of my life that is! But may I SOOO quickly add that I have NEVER felt deprived of love. acceptance. assurance. encouragement. life. GOD. She has been easily 2 parents wrapped into 1 (I call her on Father's Day too and wish her a happy day, she's even received a card or two!!) if not more! As we've branched out into our own little family's we don't get that just mom:daughter time with her as much as when we were younger. So a couple weeks ago Kristi and I received a text from mom asking us out to a movie date night and we happily accepted!! We met up after work.....joking we would ALL fall asleep mid movie (because we just have a great record of that)! We laughed and laughed and laughed.....good for the soul....good for mom:daughter relationships! At the conclusion of the evening we all hugged, said our good-bye's, and parted ways.....BUT we left happier people!

eager movie goers.....none of us go to the theater often
funny funny movie
dinner provided by mom- veggie sandwich beats popcorn and candy ANYDAY......well it did that night anyway!!

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Heather Figueiredo said...

Kera-so proud of you for staying awake! I love laughing in movies! Thanks for being a friend I can laugh with!