Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pumpkin Turkey's

I walked through the door 2 nights ago, after work, saying out loud...."well that's really sad". I was convinced that we had some hoodlums in our neighborhood and they decided to ransack our pumpkin/gourd collection out front! And might I add I wasn't really sad but quite irate! I was quickly side tracked as Kayden met me at the steps eagerly begging me to come into the kitchen to see "something"!!

and this is what i found....
our pumpkins were turned into canvas's for the evening
for turkey.....
and leaf paintings!
i find myself forever apologizing for my children's lack of modesty....maybe we should move to a nudist colony.....or not...I'll just keep the sorry's rolling!
for several years i was completely oblivious to Jon's artistic abilities but thank goodness that about 3 1/2 years ago they were unleashed! and we've been enjoying them since!

I'm thankful, as I sit here and write this, for the flexibility of Jon's schedule. God's hands were soooo in control of his job changes over the last several years and that is very clear to us today.....not so much then!! I remember BEGGING Jon to stay put at one job all the while he was BEGGING me to just trust that he was making these changes for our family's benefit! He left the car business, (if you've ever been in the business you know it's every letter of the word CRAZY) for good, a week or so after I had about some high stress! I certainly attempted to be a supportive wife while he was looking for work that would allow him home more with us, knowing deep down that he would not leave our family to starve out on the cold streets. But I must admit I wasn't sure of the timing of it all. Going back to work after Emery was 7 weeks old was bad enough in itself but then having to work overtime.....not a happy mommy!!! We stuck it out together and strongly relied on God to pull us through this storm......he did. Jon started working in the mortgage business for the next 2 years......allowing him to be home before dinner time and flexibility to leave work quickly if needed (let me throw in that while in the car business it was 5-6 days a week and not home till 8:00 pm if not later, making me feel like a single mom some days and causing him guilt but more the longing to be home with us). Still I was working a little more than we wanted me to with 2 small kids. Let's back up just a bit, Jon sold a car to a well known realtor in Chattanooga.....they instantly hit it off. They stayed in touch over the years....talking more when Jon moved over to doing mortgages. Just about 2 years ago Jay (the realtor) asked Jon if he would consider joining his team selling houses. I was skeptical.....Jon was excited! He felt it was a HUGE opportunity to grow! We prayed and and talked and talked and prayed and he joined their team last March. God OF COURSE knew what he was doing with Jon because for the past 7 months we've been blessed to allow me to work, on average, 2 days a week (sometimes just 1)!!! We were uncertain, for some time, how we would manage to pick Kayden up from school on the days I had to work. Not a 1 single day has been an issue. Even more job flexibility with this job where he leaves work at 2pm on my work days and can take both girls home. No more late days at daycare....rushing home for baths and bed at 8pm. They even get to slide in some crafty things....some outdoor time....some good 1:1 time with their daddy! It was a rough road some days to get to where we are today but I am reminded again as I type out this story that I must ALWAYS rely on GOD for ALL things. He knows just what we need....ALWAYS! Have a WONDERFUL weekend....if you're having a rough time with something right now try to sit back and pray. Allow Him complete control of your life during this storm.....He will bring you safely to shore. This is a reminder to myself as much as it's encouragement to you....I daily, hourly try to control my life and need constant reminders to LET GO and LET GOD!!!


Heather Figueiredo said...

at first I did think it was weird that your kids don't wear clothes, after spending time with them.... its just perfect!
Great blog, as always Kera! Thank you for sharing your faith thru your blog! Love & Miss you!

greenchickadee said...

Love the new photo of the family up there! And about the naked kids, seriously? aren't all kids naked? I have to make mind put on pants just to go get the mail at the mailbox!

Most of all I love you telling your story of how God led you. We have had an almost similar story in so many ways (which I should write down sometime) and looking back, it is only because God brought us here. Thanks for sharing this part of your life!

The Hadfields said...

Amen sister!