Friday, March 2, 2012

Mom's Birthday

My mom had a birthday on 2/21. It was a special year as her age & the year she was born were the same! I won't divulge her age or the year she was born although you wouldn't believe me if I told you how old she was cause she doesn't look her age!! I hope I have her young face!! It was also a special birthday for the fact that we are still an intact family....PLUS a sweet little bundle of a baby has joined us! So on her actual birthday while I wish the world would have stopped, because she is the rock of our family, she deserves for the world to celebrate her! official Irene H. Oster went on.....but we have LIFE & HEALTH & the very BREATH we breathe to be thankful for so there was much thankfulness that day!! Being together as a family made her smile!
My oldest niece had a basketball tournament game that night so we met for some quick chinese! There were many conversations going on at the same time, pictures being snapped, laughter, know just a normal day in our lives!! AND WE LOVED IT! Appreciative of it!!
No cake rather a fortune cookie & know for good luck numbers & the greatness that will occur!
This picture made happy! To think back to that very day when for 14 minutes we lost Karlie brings me anxiety......almost more than I care to deal with.....but to see this sweet new baby in the middle of her older cousins just makes me smile from ear to ear!!
Homemade cards came in a far 2nd of things that made me happy that evening!
You are LOVED beyond anything I could ever express!!
AND I have a bigger love for this person &
{do you see that sneaky blondie below?}
this is precious & worth celebrating even when it's not your birthday but even MORE when it is your birthday!!

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