Sunday, March 18, 2012

Top Of Tha Mornin' To Ya!.....a day late!

So we don't really celebrate St Patty's day huge around this house.....although we could cause I do have a wee bit of Irish in me!

Bebe {Emery's blanket & #1 consoler....I come in a close 2nd!} is always up for a holiday.....being green & all he fit right in!
GASP!! YES PLEASE GASP! SUGAR CEREAL! It's true!! The best clever last minute thing I could come up with for a breakfast idea was "Lucky Charms"! .......and they LOVED it!
A favorite I turn to often for my morning-get-me-going's!
My little green hats & ALL!
Even Hilda donned her green hat for the occasion!!
Although that was the extent of our Irish Celebrating {cause we all forgot to wear green.....well unless undies count!!} we must have captured a bit of luck to bring to our Garage Sale this mornin'! $200!! Maybe you've done way better but this was the most we've made in our Hughes family garage selling history!! Even our Lemonade Sellers brought in a whopping $5.75!! Hoping that we still have a bit of luck on our side & that this house sells SUPER DUPER fast!! Watch what you wish for huh?!.....I may be mad at myself come SUPER DUPER fast packing time!!

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