Friday, March 2, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

It was Spirit Week at school & it's always fun to dress in other things besides uniforms....for the kids....for me another reminder of the simpleness & mindlessness of uniforms!! Yesterday was "Crazy Hair" day & this is the day they look forward to the most!! Kayden wanted to try a mohawk....Emery wanted 3 ponytails....they both wanted that hair coloring spray stuff! I forgot {SHOCKER!} & so 7:36 pm after getting off work this momma is driving around looking for hair coloring spray! Not much luck on color variety's! Last stop, Target.....the mother of have everything stores right?! Nope! Nadda! Nothing! Zilch! I was walking down the party isle & BAM a creative nerve was struck! Plastic utensils & erasers!!

I knew that Kayden would LOVE the fashionista & she did!! It was a painful process of which she was not quiet about but suffered through!!
My youngest was not easily convinced however as she is my "don't want to look out of the ordinary" kind of girl! BUT alas she gave in!!
Their "do's" definitely got them some attention at school!!

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