Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1/2 Marathon

This last weekend I ran a 1/2 marathon, not my 1st but 2nd. I was just as excited as last year yet not as nervous......good combo! It was, however, my 1st in being able to run with my husband, twin sister, younger sister, and mom......and to top it off being surrounded by a group of 100 runners who had, together, raised over $100,000 in support of fighting childhood cancer (Emily's Power For a Cure). WOW cannot even begin describe my weekend. We've been training for the last 3 months, sometimes together but for the most part alone and it was awesome to see our hard work pull us each through this race. Some of you knew the weather we were facing (a tornado or 2, lighting bolts here and there, a bazillion and two rain drops) and to say we begged God on hands and knees for ceasing of rain (even if just 2-3 hours) was an understatement!! Some of you even prayed for us.....and hey what can God say to thousands and thousands of people asking for NO RAIN???? NO RAIN......for the most part. Some of the full marathoners were diverted to the finish line around mile 20ish and some 1/2 marathoners ran/walked in rain the last 3 miles or so. But we (Jon, my mom, sisters and myself) finished!!! Finished with smiles and tears and hugs and a HUGE sense of accomplishment! I cannot say enough how proud I am of my family......they each set out with different goals and accomplished those!!!

friday night pasta....i'm not sure it helped me run faster but it was good
night before race prepping
everything ready.....jon said i had everything laid out like the easter bunny left it!!?
runners with Emily's Power For a Cure
SOOOO proud of this guy!
4 strong women!
post race
back in the room and a bit wet.......if you could only see the torrential down pour that hit the minute we walked into the hotel
saturday night heading out for FOOD
i highly recommend family's good for all!!

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