Friday, April 2, 2010

Autism Awareness Day

*She has a smile that lights up a room
*She has the most beautiful and longest eyelashes
*She LOVES Soup and Salad
*She HATES itchy clothes and tags
*She is the most protective mother like 10 year old (of her baby sister) I know
*She keeps EVERYTHING and knows if you've thrown ANYTHING away
*She is not a snuggler by nature but will let you hug and kiss her without complaints
*She LOVES baseball (and all sports really) and is the #1 girl in her age group for the 2nd year in a row
*She HATES to be away from her mom, dad, and sister overnight
*She keeps her emotions inside until she's bottled them up TOO long and then her tears overflow like a waterfall
*She plays guitar
*She loves to joke and tease
and "SHE" is my niece whom I LOVE beyond words
SHE HAS AUTISM......and let me be clear that she is not defined by this word
She has the BEST mom who has spent countless hours driving this girl to therapy, working with her, and educating herself about autism. She has chosen to RISE ABOVE and work with Taylor to make her the BEST possible girl she can be!!!! She doesn't treat her different because of this diagnosis and she won't let you treat her different either.
So today we will wear blue and LOVE Taylor ALL the more because she Taylor and she is special to us and we want the world to become AWARE of AUTISM
We hope you are wearing blue too!


Anonymous said...

Ashton just asked yesterday when our friends from TN were coming to visit. I told him I didn't know, but I would get a camping trip planned. He then talked about Taylor "wearing out" the slide (last summer), cause she went down so many times :) We love Taylor and the boys & I wore blue in honor of her.

I strive to see the child rather than the label. Thank you for reminding me!

love & miss you! Heather

Anonymous said...

I'm just now getting the chance to read this with Taylor over my shoulder reading at the same time. Smiles of pride came to her face as tears rolled down mine. What a thoughtful thing to write and say about Tay!!! - Thank you for taking the time and spreading more awareness around!!! - Let me also add what a wonderful Aunt Kera is to her!!! - Full of patience, tolerance and TONS of LOVE!!!

Anonymous said...

and I had to do this under anonymous cause i don't remember my google account!!! - this is Kristi, Kera's sister!!!