Sunday, April 11, 2010


We just returned from a BEAUTIFUL week long vacation. AND I mean that in many ways.....we stayed in a beautiful cabin, we had BEAUTIFUL weather, we enjoyed beautiful time with family whom we LOVE, we were surrounded by God's beautiful nature!! It was really just one of those know the kind I'm talking about??....that will stay etched in your memory forever....yep it was one of those! So I'm gonna have to break our trip up a bit because shocker of shocks I've got TOO many pictures!!! Go figure Kera!
We woke up to a beautiful sunny Easter morning
perfect for egg hunting in the woods
with cousins
tree climbing
frog finding and kissing
family time

wading in the water

making MUDDY white shirts none the less!
and keeping up with our yearly tradition of pecking eggs *we call it something in german but I have NO idea how to spell it so english it is* 2 people get an egg then peck at each other's egg until one cracks....then that winner goes on to the next person and so on and so forth! FUN FOR ALL AGES!!!
we were reminded ALL day that we are truly blessed by GOD with wonderful family and beautiful places on earth to enjoy if we choose......and we CHOSE!!!

*i made the girls shirts with "their letter" sewn on the side and wouldn't you know i never got a shot of all 5 girls together!! so this is the closest shot i got!*


The Hadfields said...

You have the most unique holiday traditions, I love it!! Great family photo, by the way.

Charisa said...

Love the Easter pics :)