Monday, April 19, 2010

I've learned a thing or two from those who have traveled the parenting road before me. DO. NOT. over. schedule. your. children. This is just as much for the child's sake as the parents! An overscheduled child leads to crankiness and often boredem then in quiet times.....which then leads to CRANKY parents. The girls take dance through the year with a summer break and the only summer activity we have scheduled is baseball. BUT for about 4 weeks these 2 activities overlap. Like today we went from school to dance to uniform being replaced by the next!!


Meals aren't always made from scratch (i.e. below: carry out pizza with a salad from home), we don't always eat around a table, and post meal we have VERY DIRTY feet

BUT I want to keep us grounded even if just 30 minutes here and 15 there

to talk and laugh and just BE in the here and now

and ultimately be reminded that even though we are busy we ARE BLESSED by that GREAT MAN above!

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rebekka said...

So cute! I just came across your blog randomly and realized you're in of my favorite places! I'm in Nashville. Nice to meet you!