Thursday, April 15, 2010

This will be the wrap up of our week in Blue Ridge.....the "doings"! We stayed at the cabin for the most part....visiting, exploring our surroundings, and letting the kids play and be free but a few times throughout our week we did venture out!

My uncle treated everyone (excluding the fisherman!) to a train ride one afternoon and you can only imagine that this was a highlight to a certain girls week (if you know Emery Hughes!)
we got lucky and were able to ride in an open car so it was a relaxing trip with a beautiful view and the kids LOVED it
the conductor came by and even punched our tickets which the kids were quite please about

we ended up in a small town in Georgia.......or TN depending on which side of the line you were standing for a 2 hour break
we stopped long enough to eat a picnic lunch
and a quick stop in a 50's diner for milk shakes and juke box tunes
and then hopped back on the train for the 1 hour ride back was soooo relaxing some of the gang fell asleep
another day we visited a fish hatchery.....they raise fish and once they are big enough they are transferred via tanks to various rivers
that same day we hiked
down to a swinging bridge which is also part of the Appalachian Trail
we got in the water a bit and played as it was a HOT day.......both of my girls ended up "accidentally" getting soaked and Emery hiked out pantless!
one afternoon we (just the 4 of us) drove to a river to play on the banks
make pine cone people
and houses for them to abide
practice some fly fishing
only 1 fish was caught.....a tiny one at that! BUT Kayden was excited none the less
one evening we were delighted to find these signs hanging around the house and tickets being sold for a "show" was the BEST! To see 4 girls work together to bring an actual "show" together was great! VERY creative and funny......lets just say these girls have some MAD hoola hooping skills!
AND on our departure day we stopped by a store to let the girls do some mining for gems
It was an ENJOYABLE trip.....definitely to be repeated! It helps when you have GREAT company, GREAT cooks, GREAT weather, a GREAT cabin to stay in, and NATURE!!!


Heather Figueiredo said...

you came dangerously close to having TOO MUCH FUN! looks amazing! loved the train ride!

Melanie Anne said...

Hi Kera,
I am so happy to meet another blogger in Chattanooga too!! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! Your girls are darling! So what is the name of this trian? My boys would LOVE to do this! And I will say Hi Charity Langley for you! We love her! It is a small world. Have a good weekend!