Thursday, April 29, 2010

1.2.3 strikes you're OUT

at the old ball game!!!!
It's that time of year. Dirty cleats. A mom who cheers a bit too loud (not me?.....and no one stares at me either...I PROMISE). Baseball pants impossible to keep clean. Baseball gloves which serve more than one purpose.....duh they're hats too. Bleachers. Possibly more dads on the field than kids. PLAY BALL!!!

I must say I wasn't sure these kids of mine would have anything to do with baseball since they are in fact girls and dancers! BUT we do have a dad in this house and baseball was a HUGE part of his childhood. So it was a must try and there has been NO twisting of these ladies arms to continue playing! They LOVE it! In fact both girls were hitting off a tee last year (Kayden hitting some without but not consistently) and with just 2 games played by each so far they are BOTH hitting WITHOUT a tee! They are quite pleased with themselves and I think their dad is quite PROUD! It's proving already to be a great baseball season......even with tutu's and ballet slippers flying off and being replaced with dirt and balls and cleats and gloves!
Have I mentioned it's near impossible to get these girls to keep still long enough for me to capture a moment?! Emery did make me laugh none the less with this "what in the world pose"!

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