Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby Shower Photo Booth

I warned you I'm catching up! This baby shower post is so old the baby we were celebrating below is already 5 weeks old!! This baby's momma is my best friend from high school!! That means we've been friends for a really.long.time. Just being honest even though I am admitting to being old!! We live in different states & so I was excited when I found out she was having a shower in Chattanooga! Her sister & mom put the shower twin & I were asked to put a Photo Booth together.....probably one of the most fun things I've been asked to put together!!
 We tried to keep the props baby related other than wigs, classes, boa's, etc.....
 Heather received this as a gift when she was a child & her mom has safely moved "Sandy" as they have moved to new homes or different states! She still works!!! It was a fun prop for sure!!
 Mustaches, Red Lips, BIG TEETH, & Pacifiers were a must!
 The frame that we refinished during our "Camp Fig Week" {blogged about in an earlier post} came in super handy!
 Can we say multi~tasker?!
 Only a couple "normal" pics were taken here & there.....
 Otherwise the inner silly kid that each of us hold prevailed!!
 Some of you were there but for those of you who weren't I wish I would have taken pictures of everyone.....there was not one picture the same!! Fun shower Heather Ann!! I'm so very excited to watch you grow into a beautiful mother......but don't ever forget to have fun!!

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